We Buy Lots/Land

we-buy-land-citihomes-groupInterested in selling your land? Or subdividing your lot?

We are always looking for opportunities to develop land into quality home lots that complement the existing neighborhood. By researching each potential property to determine if it has the necessary infrastructure and zoning to develop, we can determine if you can successfully build with maximum value.

We seek land opportunities throughout the Portland metropolitan area, ranging in size from single lots or tear downs to large parcels. We realize that selling your property is very personal, and we have staff on hand that can help explain all facets of the process and answer any questions your may have about selling your property.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • My house is on two tax lots. Are they dividable?
  • My house has one tax ID number with two or more lot numbers. Can I split them into separate lots?
  • My house is in disrepair and is qualified for a tear-down. Can I remove the old home and replace it with a new home?
  • I am in a R2.5 or R5 Zone, and I have 10,000 square feet. Can I entitle and subdivide another lot per zoning?

It’s never too early to ask about selling your home or your property.

Whether you are interested in selling your property in a month or even a year from now, we can help you understand the steps involved in the selling process. We can confirm the potential value of your land and assist you in making your decision. We are skilled at resolving land entitlement and approval issues and getting over development challenges. We have land planners, engineers and attorneys with the expertise necessary to help sell and develop your property. As a great savings to you, you will have no real estate selling commissions to pay.

If you have land in any stage (raw, preliminary approval, finished lots or tear downs), please contact:

David Smith, Director of Land Acquisitions: 503-902-0735

If you have a land opportunity you wish to share with us, please complete the contact form below, with a brief description. We will be in contact soon. How did you hear about us?
 Please tell us about the property and your affiliation to it: